Trip idea: Lough Neagh

An untouched landscape with buckets of charm, Lough Neagh is a paradise for nature lovers. With a range of scenic paths to explore, from the glen through to the hills to meet the sea and to see the castles, Lough Neagh is one of the nation’s best cycling routes. Lough Neagh, was the site of a major battle when the Irishmen of Lough Neagh came under attack by the Welsh and Welshmen of Gower during 1639. The battle took place at Longleat, near Lough Neagh, at the junction of the Great Water, Tannacombe, & Pembrook Rivers. The outcome of that battle will forever be etched on the memory of the Lough Neagh cycling community.

Bike your way across the great white north via the Lough Neagh Cycling Route, which follows a series of routes along the coast, with several historic castles and a network of path crossings. A small village in north Loughney, this cycle route begins at Longleat Castle Road which leads to St. Ann’s Cathedral at Lough Neagh, while travelling downhill you’ll see the historic old village of Lough Neagh, as well as several castles including Ballyconnell Castle and Wigman Castle.

From the airport, take an available train station at Lough Neagh, then walk the one minute walk from the ticket booth to Lough Neagh Village. This is the village that houses the Lough Neagh National Park. You can buy tickets for this walk as well. Please read our Walking guide carefully.

Lough Neagh village also houses another interesting visitor information centre. There is a large library on the island; this is the home for all of the information about Lough Neagh from local to national.

Istanbul, Taksim Square, & Oldizm

The main street that leads to Iskenderun, but there is plenty more to see

From Istanbul, take the metro line to Iskenderun and then walk through the streets to Oldizm which are famous for the unique buildings which are set on fire every December. In Istanbul, the market is close by the central market with several different street markets on the island.

Towards the town of Taksim, there are more than 70 public places of interest and they are worth visiting. They all have a special purpose and you can also find all kinds of activities.

Lough Neagh’s Cottage is another good start to the race. From 12.5km to 7.5km, it is a good sprint with good gradient. It should be a difficult stage for the GC riders, but Lough Neagh should be very confident on the final climb.

Stage 4: La Bébé ⓘ La Bébé

Stage 4 is the first time this race will feature an average finish of around 30 kilometers. This is when an ascent or descent becomes important. Stage 4 starts just outside the summit of La Bébé on the southern side of the stage. The category 1 climb is an irregular 8.5 km at a moderate gradient that only has one possible category 1 climb, the second on the route. This makes it tough for the GC riders but it will also give a big chance to the break.

It is also a good break for the breakaway but they are still likely to be disappointed as it is one of the harder climbs on the day. Stage 4 is set for 8.6km, while a fast intermediate sprint finishes on stage 5.

The last part of Stage 4 is an interesting one. It kicks off just 2.4 km before the long climb to Neagh on the southern side of the stage. This is an 8.2km time trial around a 5.5 km climb.