Traveling on a Budget in Ireland

A trip to Ireland is worth the time, even on a shoestring budget. It’s entirely possible to travel to Ireland cheaply. On the most important holidays, including Easter, Christmas and St Patrick’s Day, I’ve had almost absolutely no problems staying in Dublin, despite what the Irish would have you believe. However, I’ve been told time and time again not to bring a suitcase with you. I was warned by an Irish friend that a person’s suitcase was not their luggage unless it was in a carry-on bag. It’s a common error. I’d be willing to bet it’s more common a mistake than people in Ireland would know, however. I’ve also heard from multiple Irish people who have flown from other parts of the world from Ireland to see family. They’ve had a few drinks on their break and gone to bed, but when they wake the next morning, I don’t have anywhere to sleep. So why not just buy a single pack that’s as good? I have many friends who would buy two bags, two packs and use them all up. I haven’t been accused of thinking that Irish people are stupid, but I’m not interested in thinking that way. I don’t think you need to make up an itinerary, but I am surprised that you have taken the idea of being Irish and flown across the Atlantic to find out I could only save money.

Travel to Ireland cheap – see it all and save a fortune

The cheapest way in to Ireland with no problems is flying from Dublin. There are a few options of course, and I can’t recommend them enough, as I can’t stand those who try and force me to pay extra for things out of convenience. However, I will outline all the cheapest way in to Ireland that I’ve found, which will save me even more. I’ve already covered how to get into Ireland.

So the trick to finding the cheapest way in is the flight you get you, or the flight from where you get, whichever is cheapest as the cheaper option can be found from all over. If possible get one of the flights that are open for business only, and the ones in which you can book straight away, unless it’s your last day in Ireland, then it will be much harder to book as there is no business booking card available. If a service is available, there are likely to be a couple of small fee’s and the option to book by telephone.

The other option is to use Irish Direct. These fly on the following routes every day:

Dublin – Trabant – Ireland

Réusseldorf – Berlin – Ireland

Helsinki – Helsinki – Hungary

Budapest – Budapest – Hungary