Tips to Traveling to Ireland

It is very easy just to book your Dublin home-train ticket online from a US bank. Just enter your dates of travel, the date you plan to arrive in Dublin, and the ticket number you would like to purchase. You do not need to pay the full price. You may also want to enter your contact information, which shows if you are booking on a UK, German, or American Express card or if you are booked via a separate website/app.

If you plan to travel to Ireland via Switzerland, the following information is mandatory but it is not mandatory on all tickets:

  • City name
  • Passengers name
  • Email address

Awards category if you get tickets in the same category with other European or International awards

Cancellation information

If you want to cancel your Dublin home-train ticket, simply enter “NO” when the ticket asks for a result when entering either a credit or debit card. You want this for multiple tickets if possible — a credit card is much easier to handle when entering both credit and debit cards to cancel your Dublin train-trip.

Booking in Ireland to travel to Sweden, Norway, or Finland

You will require visas to travel to different countries if you want to live in multiple places during the same year. It’s best to hire and book your tickets online at

If you are arriving at Shannon’s airport for the holiday season in September, your visa will be issued on the same date as the arrival date. This means you can only book your visa online in the airport when you are about to travel to the destination. Booking online in the airport will take place two weeks before your arrival.

To find out if you need to book the Visa for a holiday in any specific country, you can:

Go to the airport in your travel destination and go to the page for Ireland

You can either click here to find out if you need to book in your destination country or enter your travel details in the top right corner of the page and press the ‘Book Now’ button

See how long it takes to book a single visit to different places online.

Find out how long it will take to book the Visa in your country.

Learn more about the Visa for Business

Find out more about travel and accommodation.

If you leave Shannon to go to a different destination you will need a visa for travel in that particular country.