Tips for Planning an Affordable Trip To Ireland

Ireland can be a very busy tourist destination and a very popular holiday destination especially for business travelers. It is a short trip from either the city of Cork or Kerry (where your hotel will be) which means that if you need to get away from it, you may not have the time at the last minute to find some nearby accommodation or just sit around waiting for one. Also, Ireland has very generous tourist tax rates.

Your first stop from Ireland is at the town of Kilkenny, which is close by your hotel with a bus stop. However, you can easily transfer into the bus from Kilkenny.

For your second stop, we recommend taking the M9, the shortest bus ride from Dublin and will probably take less time to get there, at an incredible value with no rush hour traffic. It is only about 4 km from the hotel so it will probably take less than an hour to drive from Dublin to Kilkenny if it’s raining, but it will be in some places in the morning or late afternoon on Friday and Saturday.

The third stop from Ireland is at Castlebar (which is also a 3-minute bus ride from Dublin), so even if you’re early, just to make it to the hotel, you can’t go wrong with one.

Make the most of your visit and plan the visit around your goals and interests including travel and holiday events, holidays and visits to Ireland.

The following tips can give you an edge on your plans and prepare you to enjoy the country like never before when travelling to Ireland.

How To Get to Ireland With a Budget Budget travel can save you money to travel to Ireland. You can spend up to €50-80 extra to travel with money that is usually spent on other activities such as shopping or watching movies. When traveling with a budget you’ll be able to stay in more accommodation and in a smaller room. However, you’ll still be able to spend a budget in a hotel room. Most hotels in Ireland offer a great deal of luggage, including a few days accommodation. Take advantage of the great range of camping sites available in Ireland with sites such as Budget accommodation and accommodation sites offer great choices for a holiday and/or vacation in Ireland.

Avoid Expensive Restaurants The price of a meal in Italy or Turkey tends to be significantly higher than the prices in Ireland for many reasons. However, there are ways around this. If you’re looking for cheap and convenient meals to take to places such as Italy, Turkey and Germany take advantage of cheap off-peak hotels within walking distance and easy access.