Irish Restaurant Guide

New Orleans’ only real “bistro” (which they do have, but not that often) offers a full menu based upon regional tastes. They have also created a fantastic selection of appetizers: seafood with house-made mustard pickles (the classic); seafood and crab cake on crostini; a grilled fish on a roll with the sauce on the side. Their mainstay is their famous lobster roll (“lomo le lobster” – lobster with house-made mustard pickles), which is a great combination of shellfish with a soft-boiled egg white, but it can also be made vegetarian and vegan. The place sells a selection of wine (Bordeaux), craft beer, and spirits, including a selection of brandies. Also, there’s an eclectic wine list for the serious diners (including three wines called “Meytour”). One of their top picks: the “Meytour de la Nuits” which is an exceptionally good example of a well-crafted bottle of Bourgogne wine. Another favorite is the “Fumonniere”. The wine label reads, “Belvedere or Burgundy-type of wine”. The price is a whopping $40, but we prefer the quality.

Irish Restaurant Guide to New Zealand

The Best Places to Eat In Auckland, 2013

There is a fine line between a good quality food and a superb dining experience and there’s no finer place than a lovely, fine restaurant.

If we’re going to eat in the city, we have to have that first. It’s only when we leave our homes in the morning for work, we stop dreaming about going to the great restaurant chains around town. For our meals, we should eat as good as possible for both our comfort and to share. It’s in that final stretch towards dining in the stately houses on Mangere Ave that the best of New Zealand’s restaurants have begun to take root. The next five years promise to be a busy one, and the time for all these fine restaurants to come together for a celebration of fine dining is now – right?

Irish Restaurants – From Greek to Italian, we’ve all found ways to help make you forget that you’re still in a food desert, like in the kitchen. Here’s what you can expect at great New York dining spots, like The Bistro at West 46th Street.

Honey Baked Italian Oven – This charming and intimate Italian Oven & Firehouse is known for it’s classic dishes. Head down to The Oven and you’ll see that all you needed was a big batch of honey dough to fill it with a rich creamy, flavorful sauce and then top with crème fraîche. No one’s perfect, but all in all, this will be one of your favorite restaurants to have lunch in the city. With Italian dishes like Chicken Salad Salad (pictured below), Roasted Chicken with Roasted Avocado Chips, and a healthy Salad (pictured below), you sure know this place needs to go on your bucket list of New York dining needs.

Pineapple Chicken Salad with Salsa – If you think chicken salad is too sweet, then consider a big slice of this sweet and spicy chicken salad that looks really healthy on a bun. Slices of this is perfect for those of you who want a little something different, as pineapples make an amazing addition to salads in New York City.