How safe is it to travel to Ireland?

Ireland is a safe country, a prosperous and secure country. That, I hope, will be the case in the future,” he said. “We need to look at the future – the economy of Ireland.”

As for any concern over Ireland being too hard on people illegally crossing the U.S. border into the country, he said it’s simply not the case.

“It’s not the border control that is the problem – it’s not that we’re too liberal and everything that’s going on in our country at large on both sides of the border – it’s that we just do a damn good job of policing its borders,” he said.

At the end of the interview, Mr. Trump suggested the media had made a mistake in not covering immigration and security issues more in the U.S. press than in many other countries around the world, where he described many of the news reports as fake.

“I think you are doing a very nice job. But I do believe a better reporter would do better,” he said. “Somebody will cover it.”

Ireland has strict passenger and flight safety regulations, and it is vital that those operating passenger and flight services in Ireland have all relevant security information on file, including any documents that may have been used for any illegal activities. No person shall engage in activity that contravenes Ireland’s regulations.

Ireland has a very safe and secure airline industry and airport, and we rely on our partners to follow all required security procedures when operating there. These arrangements provide airlines and pilots with a safe environment, as did the circumstances associated with MH370. However, there were at least 9 passengers and crew involved in the accident that, in all likelihood, would result in severe repercussions for all involved, and we cannot stress enough the extraordinary responsibility of the people and organisations that were responsible for ensuring that all of those involved in this incident were returned safely from this aircraft.

The accident at Heathrow airport in the United Kingdom (including, where the British Red Cross are assisting, Southwick Airport), took place on Saturday 7 April 2014. At the time, a British National is believed to have lost contact with his or her smartphone and had not yet received a distress call while in Singapore. Since then, the mobile phone that was lost while flying with British Airways has been located and has been traced as having been within the UK. 

The Irish government has said it would only consider closing the Dublin-Lisbon railway if people are deemed to be at increased risk or there exists a risk to public safety.

Mr O’Neill has said that the government is committed to implementing necessary reforms to stop abuse of social welfare payment, including reforms to address financial institutions, tax administration and other forms of abuse.

The changes will be reviewed every six years starting in January 2018 and will include a review of the Irish Social Welfare Payment System and how it is calculated, and possible reform to reduce the number of families receiving payments who pay their own way.