Around Ireland by caravan

Around Ireland by caravan route. It includes the main town of Dublin, as well as the quaint towns of Galway, Sligo, and Clare which form the outskirts of the countryside, all in a caravan route. I have never been to a site which has more in common with a caravan travel diary than Cavan city, I would love to visit Cavan every day for the next year so if anyone from Ireland is able to do the journey there please let me know in the comments!

What the hell is that thing going on again?? Who said this couldn’t be done? So they say ‘make it happen now’.

The route is set out in my ‘To do’s/Things to do′ section earlier this year. The idea is to make this the ‘home of the European Tourist’ so here are these directions.

* Note the name of the town you are going to. Don’t expect it to happen as soon as you start going through but there will be some locals and other travellers all over this city you should be able to take some photos but it could be a couple of weeks before you can get them.

Cavan city is the name given to the area around Castle Dormach. It is a small town off the main highway from County Monaghan on your route.

With a population of around 80,000 and some 10,000 vehicles per day across the country, Dublin’s city centre and its industrial district form an epic, historic motor trip route that crosses across the border to America.

We’ve had plenty of chances to ride the Irish route, so here you’ll find the whole of North Ireland’s motor journey history on our motor travel page.

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Cave in tour

A lot of the major cities in the Northern Hemisphere are home to caves, including Copenhagen, New Orleans and Las Vegas. While most are well known for their unique architecture, in the Northern Hemisphere they may be surprising, as most have natural basalt caves.

What is a cave?

A cave (and what makes it interesting) is an area of the earth that once formed part of a river bottom and now appears a hollow cylinder. Because of its unusual shape, certain geologists have argued that it is not the cave as we know it but another entity inside, perhaps a water-vortex or another form of life.

A popular argument for the existence of caves is because of the presence of large amounts of sediment and small sized rocks inside the cave. We’ve collected information on caves from around the world, and there are many different forms of caves around the world.